Pre-fill Form Expiry

This article explains how to set your check-in & check-out form expiry duration

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At certain sites, you may wish to set a duration until expiry of pre-filled check-in and check-out form responses.

Things to know:

  1. The duration starts at the time a guest first fills out the form. That is, when they're at the iPad for the first time (or on their mobile, having selected the site for the first time) and enter their responses to a blank form.

  2. The form pre-fill remains available for the duration set by the site admin. If a guest attempts to return check-in, Sine will present the visitor with their previous form responses.

  3. When the guest attempts to return check-in and the duration has elapsed, Sine will not present the guest with their previous responses and the visitor will need to respond to the form again.

For more information on setting up forms, click below:

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