How to upload SWMS - Workflows

This article explains how to upload your SWMS to a Workflow form.

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Step 1
Ensure you have a completed copy of your SWMS on the device you're using to complete the form. 

Please refer to any instruction from your host company as to SWMS requirements.

Step 2

Click/tap on the Workflow link sent by the company you're visiting to complete the required form. 

Step 3
Locate the SWMS upload field within the form.

Step 4

Click/tap on the 'Drag files here or browse your files' box. A window will appear to browse your device for the completed SWMS. Locate the file and select to upload. The file should appear within the form.

Step 5

Complete any other requested information in the workflow form. Scroll to the end of the page and click 'finish and submit'

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