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Bulk-invite users to complete a workflow with CSV upload
Bulk-invite users to complete a workflow with CSV upload

Easily invite your users to complete a workflow with CSV upload and simple tracking of their completion status.

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Simplify your workflow management processes, with bulk invites to workflows via CSV import. Now, you can easily invite users to complete a workflow and track their completion status.

To share invites, navigate to the Your Workflows and click the Share button for the workflow you want to manage.

Formatting your CSV file

The CSV template can be found from the Share modal by selecting CSV and then Download CSV template.

You can then populate this template with the first name, last name and email address of your invitees.

Sharing your invites

To share your invites, upload your CSV file using the Select a CSV file area within the Share modal. You can also add a message to be received by all of your invitees.

Next, select Check CSV. This will initiate a verification check to ensure your CSV file is correctly completed. If this check is cleared, you will then be asked to confirm and send your invites by clicking Invite.

View the status of your invites

Once your invites have been sent, these users will appear in your response list with a status of Invite sent.

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