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How to export workflow responses to CSV

Export the content of your workflow responses to a CSV

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Export workflow responses enable you to download the content of your responses to a CSV file. The Workflows export will provide details of the users who have completes your workflow, as well as the approval status and validity period of the workflow.

In addition, you will be able to view respondents' answers for the following field types:

  • Fixed Text

  • Multiple choice; and

  • Yes/No

When you export responses, the CSV will include responses based on any search terms or filters you have applied at that time.

Exporting responses to CSV

Within Worflows, navigate to Your Workflows and then click on the workflow you want to export responses from.

Next, select any search terms or filters you want applied to the export, and then select Actions followed by Export CSV.

If you want sites or answers included, select Include Sites and/or Include answers and then click Start Export.

Your export will begin, and an email will be sent to you when your CSV file is ready to download.

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