Export reporting data to CSV

Export your reporting data to CSV for use in other applications, or easy sharing with other relevant parties.

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In Reports, under the Export page, you can export a CSV of your check-in data. You can filter your data by site, company, date range or rejected passes. To access the Export page, simply click on the Export heading at the top of the page.

To use the export feature:

  1. Click the From date picker to select which date you want the report to start from

2. Click the To date picker to select which date you want the report to end on

3. (Optional) Click the Site drop-down to select a single Site you want to run a report on.

4. Enter a company name if you want to filter results to only those that include that company. Note: A company will only be added as a filter when it is inside a grey pill-box. Please ensure it looks like the picture below

5. Visitor Types
Restrict export to these visitor types. Add as many as you like or leave blank for all visitor types.

6. Toggle Export Rejected Passes only on if you wish to limit the results to show only rejected passes.

7. Click the Export Data button when you have selected all your filter settings

8. The message “Your data export is in progress” will appear. This will be shown whilst your export request is being handled.

9. Once the the data has been gathered, the message “Your data export finished” will be displayed. Select the Click to download button directly beneath this message to download your exported data.

10. Your exported data will now be downloaded as a CSV file and you will also be emailed a link to download your data.

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