Sharing and publishing workflows

Share your workflows and start receiving responses.

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Once you have created one or more workflows it's time to share them and start gathering responses. (For help creating a workflow, click here).  

To share a workflow, simply click Share on the workflow of choice. You will then be presented with three options for sharing your workflow:

  • Link

  • Email

  • CSV

Share workflow via link

To share your workflow using a link, it's as easy as copying the link presented and distributing this to anyone who needs to complete your workflow.

Note, when you use a link to share your workflow, you will not have visibility over who the link has been shared with prior to their completing the workflow. You will only see responses as they are submitted.

Share workflow via email

Another option is to share your workflow via email. With this method, you can send an email invite to a user directly from the web dashboard.

Just enter the recipient's email address a message to accompany the link. When you're ready to go, click Send.

Bulk share workflow via CSV upload

Finally, there is the option to send your workflow to multiple people at the same time, using the CSV upload. One of the great advantages of this method is that it allows you to track who you have sent the workflow to, and whether they have completed it or not.

To share via CSV, open the Share options and navigate to the CSV tab. You can download a sample CSV template to populate and ensure your formatting is correct.

Your CSV must include the following fields:

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • email

When you are ready to send your invites to complete the workflow, you can enter an optional message and then click Check CSV. This will run a quick validation to ensure that your upload is correctly formatted for upload.

Once validated, click Invite and your recipients will be sent a link to complete the workflow. You will also now see their names within the responses list for that workflow. When they respond, you will be able to see their completion status, or follow up with anyone who is yet to action their invitation.

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