Sine's Watchlist feature provides an added layer of security to your site, automatically sending notifications to your staff when watch-listed visitors check in.

For an overview of the feature, see our blog. Please note, at this time watchlists and related integrations do not prevent check-in at your site(s).

This feature is available on all plans at no additional cost.

Today, we'll cover the following:

Enabling watchlists on your account

Setting up your watchlist groups

Adding visitors to you your watchlist

Make notes against a visitor on your watchlist

Configure watchlist notifications

Enabling watchlists on your account

If this is the first time you have utilised watchlists, you will need to contact the Sine team to have this feature enabled on your account.

This can be done at any time by contacting our support team using the chat bubble on this (or any) page, or via email.

If watchlists are enabled for your site, you will be able to see them from the Teams section of your web dashboard when logged in as an administrator.

Setting up your watchlist groups

The first step to utilising watchlists, is to set up your Groups. These are where you will list the users, along with their trigger data. It determines how that user will be displayed to your staff members when notified.

For example, you may have one group for 'Banned' visitors who should not be on-site, and another group for your VIP visitors, who should receive additional service from your staff when they check in.

To create a group, select Add Group, then enter the name for that group and the trigger data to be associated with those users.

Selecting your watchlist trigger data

When you create a group, you will have the option to select as many different data triggers as you require from the following:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Identifier

When a user checks in, the system will check for a match on your selected data triggers and, if found, will notify your designated watchers. If you have more than one watchlist trigger selected, a notification will be triggered if any selected fields match.

The Identifier field enables you to set up a trigger based on a custom data field, unique to your check-in forms. For example, this might be used to trigger a watchlist match when someone enters their license or employee number.

To set up a custom Identifier, please contact the Sine support team, who will be able to assist in setting this up on your account for you.

Adding visitors to you your watchlist

Once you have created a group, you can then populate the users on that watchlist.

To add someone to your watchlist, navigate to the Visitors tab within the Watchlists feature and then select Add Visitor.

Then you can enter the details of your visitor to be added to the watchlist.

Adding notes for a visitor on your watchlist

There is also an option to include notes for a visitor on your watchlist. These notes are not visible to the visitor but can be seen by your designated 'watchers' when a check-in is flagged by watchlists.

Note, while you will be able to add all data fields for your watchlisted visitor, the notification will still only trigger for your selected data fields. For example, while you may enter a name, email and mobile number for a watchlisted visitor, if the trigger data for that list is only email, then the notification will not trigger unless the email address matches—even if the name and email of the visitor match an entry on your watchlist.

Configure watchlist notifications

The final step, is to add your Watchers. These are the users who will receive a notification email when a person who is on your watchlist checks in.

To add a watcher, navigate to the Watchers tab and then click Add Watcher.

In order to assign someone as a watcher, they must already be a collaborator within your Sine team. If you wish to add someone who is not already a collaborator, you can read more about adding them to your team here.

You will have the option to select which of your watchlists that watcher will receive notifications for, in addition to the sites you would like them to receive notifications for.

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