See the below table for a list of roles and their permissions:

Note: To login to the iPad, the user must be either a Site Administrator or a Team Administrator.

1. Go to Team in the web dashboard

2. On the Collaborators tab, add a collaborator’s email

3. Choose the site that the new Team Member will be working at. This will set the Team Member to that Site, with access to only that Site’s functionality. Alternatively, set access to All Sites to grant permissions to all Sites.

4. Select the level of permission to grant to that team member.

  • Team administrators have access to all functionality including Workflows (if activated)

  • Site administrators have access to all except Team & Billing functionality.

  • Front Desk & Security have access to Activity, Invitations, Reports and read access to Hosts.

  • Reporting users only have access to Reports.

5. Click Invite. Your collaborator will now be invited

6. Make sure the invitee accepts the email and creates an account if they don’t have one. 

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