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Managing multiple teams with the team switcher
Managing multiple teams with the team switcher

If you are a member of multiple teams, the team switcher will help you find your way around the dashboard with ease!

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The team switcher provides an easier way to view and use the Sine web dashboard for users that work across multiple teams. In this article we will cover:

What is a team?

A 'team' in Sine, is a way of organising a group of sites and their associated users. This means you can have one login to access your Sine account, and from there see all the sites across your organisation. You can also manage your collaborators at a team level. So instead of having to add administrators to each of your sites individually, you have the option to give users team-level administrator access.

Users also have the ability to be a member of more than one team. For large portfolios, this is a great way to keep their Sine instances organised, and also user access effectively segregated. For example, you may have all your sites in one country on the same team, and then set up different teams for each country. This will mean you can easily give admin access to users across a country, while also giving some users access across multiple teams so they can see the entire picture.

What is the team switcher?

When there is a need for multiple teams, this generally correlates with an extremely high volume of check-ins, making it difficult to clearly visualise and effectively utilise data.

The team switcher allows users that are on multiple teams to toggle which team's data they are viewing, and taking actions on, at any given moment in time.

To change teams, simply click the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the web dashboard and select the team you want.

This dropdown toggle will be visible on every page of the Sine Core web dashboard.

How to update a team name

With team names more visible now through the team switcher, you may want to update the names of your teams to help better identify different teams.

To change the name of a team, navigate to Team and ensure you have the relevant team selected in the Team Switcher dropdown. Then select the About tab, and click Edit Team.

Enter your team name and then click Save.

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