Introduction to check-in forms

A brief overview of check-in forms with Sine.

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Forms are custom questions that you can require your guest to complete on either the SinePoint Pro iPad or on the Sine Pro mobile apps. Forms add more depth to the information you require to properly identify your guests when they arrive and use Sine to check-in.

Example questions within forms could be:

  • What is your induction number?

  • Do you require access to restricted areas?

  • Please provide a description of works you intend to perform today.

Forms have a range of response types available, including multiple choice, numerical response and signature. Responses may be set to required, preventing guests from checking in unless a valid response is given. Forms may also have text and images which don’t require a response.

Forms may also be dependent on guest type – for example, contractors may have the question “What is your contractor number?”, whereas only staff may see “How many hours are you scheduled to work today?”. Form visibility is customizable while adding questions.

Forms can be presented at both check-in and check-out. Presenting forms at check-in is great for checking ID numbers, inductions and giving instructions. Presenting forms at check-out is useful for reminding to return keys, receiving note of any incidents which occurred, or checking staff have locked doors on their way out.

Please see the following pages to learn how to edit forms:

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