To create your first workflow, first open Sine Workflows by clicking the Workflows icon located in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Step 1:  Click on the green "Create Workflow" button to begin creating a workflow.

Step 2: Fill in the workflow's name and description. Select the most appropriate options and upload an image of your preference.

Step 3: Setup how your workflow will interact with your Sine sites. You can choose if the respondents will select a site or if you specify the sites yourself:

  • By selecting "Ask respondents to choose a site" the list of sites you select will be presented to the respondent and they will be able to select one.

  • If you select "Don't ask respondents about sites", responses to your Workflow will apply to the site or sites you select.

  • Select "Don't include sites" if you don't want your workflow linked to a site.

In cases where a site is linked, a Workflow integration will be automatically setup on each of the sites you've selected. The integrations will be disabled and you'll need to go to the Sine Dashboard and access the preferences of each site to enable it.

Step 4:  Choose how you want the validity period of responses to be set. 

  • Specific Date: This option makes it so that the inductions expire at a specific date (for example 10/12/2019). If the duration is to be set by the respondent, you will have the option to select between asking for the Date or the Date and time.

  • Elapsed Time: This option makes it so that all responses expire after a certain amount of time has elapsed since it was submitted (for example, after 1 year).

If you enable "Send expiring response reminders",  the respondent will receive reminder emails 30, 14, 7 and 1 day(s) prior to their response expiring. When disabled respondents will only be notified when their response has expired.

As in the example below, responses will expire after a period of 1 year from submission and expiry reminders will be sent:

Step 5: Click on the button "set up forms" and introduce questions, document upload requirements, security diagrams and much more.  To learn how to create Workflow forms click here. Once you've finished creating your workflow, click "save" in the top right corner of your screen.

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