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Sine Pro Cm3 Integrations Setup
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Sine and Cm3 have developed a software integration that cross-checks Contractor information from Sine and induction status from Cm3. With the Sine and Cm3 integration, you can better monitor and enforce check-in activity based on the validity of a Contractor’s induction.

With Cm3 Induction integration enabled, every check-in to your Site compares the contractor’s email address and mobile number against Cm3’s database. If either the email address or mobile number are found in Cm3’s database, the induction status of that contractor can be verified.

  • If the contractor attempting to check-in has a valid induction, they will be able to continue to check into the Site.

  • If the contractor has an invalid or expired induction, Sine will prevent them from checking in and instead display a rejection message.

Cm3 integration can be applied to each visitor type. For example, Cm 3 induction can be checked only for Contractors and not Visitors checking in. Alternatively, Cm3 can be enabled for all visitor types, preventing check-in unless all are inducted.

Note: It is important to ensure your integration with CM3 is set up correctly to avoid any potential impact on your guests’ ability to check into you site.

Adding Cm3 Induction Integration

If you would like to enable Cm3 integrations, or if you are new to Sine and Cm3 Inductions, please contact us by using the chat bubble in the bottom-right-hand corner.

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