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Avetta Integration for Sine Companies
Avetta Integration for Sine Companies

Connect your list of approved suppliers from Avetta to contractor compliance and check in

Written by Akshara Shetty
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Efficiently manage contractor compliance and check-ins by integrating Avetta-approved suppliers into Sine Companies. This feature ensures that contractors select from a trusted supplier list and simplifies compliance checks.

Feature Overview

  • Streamlined Supplier Management: Automatically import Avetta's approved supplier list every 4 hours, simplifying contractor onboarding.

  • Effortless Compliance Checks: Contractors easily select their Avetta-approved companies while completing their inductions, permits or other workflows, saving time and ensuring compliance.

  • Single list of all Suppliers: You can also directly manage lower-risk, non-Avetta-listed companies via Sine Companies. This flexibility ensures that you can have one comprehensive list of all suppliers for contractors to pick from, regardless of the source.

How to Enable

  1. Request Beta Access: Start by requesting Beta access

  2. API Key and Client IDs: Once approved, obtain an API key from Avetta and the relevant client IDs. Client IDs in Avetta generally represent the Sites that you want to bring in the suppliers compliance status for.

  3. Admin Dashboard: From anywhere in Sine Core, navigate to Admin Dashboard by clicking the Admin option on the top right corner of the product well.

  4. Plugin Directory: Access the Plugin Directory under Plugins.

  5. Create a new configuration: Click into the Avetta Connect Integration and add a new configuration

  6. Connect to Avetta: Enter your API key and client IDs, triggering an initial sync. If there are multiple client IDs that you want to bring supplier data for, please enter them as comma-separated values.

    Clicking “Enable Configuration” will trigger an initial sync. Once completed, you will see a list of suppliers in Sine Companies.

Status Mapping:

Understanding the mapping between Avetta and Sine Companies statuses is essential for the effective use of this feature:

Sine Companies Status

Avetta Status







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