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KeyWatcher Australia Integration

This article provides an overview of Sine's KeyWatcher Australia Integration

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Sine integrates with KeyWatcher Australia to provide a seamless, integrated key management solution. You will need to work with both Sine and KeyWatcher Australia to implement the integration. 

What do I need to get started?

  1. A Sine Account with at least an Enterprise plan for the Site where you want to use Sine with KeyWatcher Australia. Contact Sine to confirm pricing for your Site.

  2. A KeyWatcher cabinet

  3. KMaaS cloud account. ("KMaaS" refers to the cloud based key management software operated by KeyWatcher Australia and required to enable the integration.)

  4. To integrate Sine and KeyWatcher Australia, you will need to "map" your keys to be used in a KW cabinet to the Visitor Types in Sine. Sine and KeyWatcher Australia will take care of these steps with you. 

How does it work?


  1. Invitations are setup for authorised contractors

  2. Contractor receives invite, sets up Sine pro mobile app, verifies mobile and email address

  3. When on Site, contractor checks-in via the Sine Pro mobile app. Only verified contractors can check-in to a 'KeyWatcher Site'

  4. A one time-code is sent to the contractor vis SMS and used to open the KeyWatcher cabinet.


  1. Contractor returns the key to the KeyWatched cabinet using the same code as issued on check-in

  2. Contractor then checks-out from site using Sine Pro mobile app. They can only check-out once key has been returned.

Next Steps?

Leadtime for KeyWatcher Australia orders are 4 to 6 weeks and are strictly dependant on shipments.

Stage 1 Procurement

  • Contact KeyWatcher Australia and they will give you a quote on hardware and KMaaS.

  • KeyWatcher Australia will then provide a template to allocate key details, groups and profiles.

  • Once KeyWatcher Australia has this, Sine will work with KeyWatcher Australia to map against your visitors types on Sine 

Stage 2 KeyWatcher Australia hardware commissioning / integration testing

  • Sine and KeyWatcher Australia will then test your KW before it arrives on Site based on your set up

Stage 3 Deployment 

  • KeyWatcher Australia will manage your hardware installation

  • KeyWatcher Australia will provide on site test with customer to confirm integration

  • Sine will book with you a date for training on Sine and KeyWatcher Australia usage. 

  • KMaaS will confirm date for KMaaS related training

For more detail on requirements and costs for using KeyWatcher with Sine, please contact us or visit our KeyWatcher info page.


When my contractors check-in on Sine, the contractor does not receive the KeyWatcher SMS
The KeyWatcher SMS is sent by KeyWatcher. If they aren't being received, please contact [email protected] 

When my contractors check-in on Sine, the contractor does not receive the KeyWatcher Email
The KeyWatcher Email will come from <[email protected]>
Please check you spam/clutter folders for emails from [email protected]

If the emails are still not being received, contact [email protected].


You can download the complete KeyWatcher & Sine Setup Guide here

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