Torus Key Cabinets

Streamline key management with the Sine + Torus integration.

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The Sine + Torus integration is a managed integration. Please contact Sine if you would like to have this enabled and set up on your account.

Simplify key management, with automated, remote management as part of your check-in and check-out processes. The Sine + Torus integration makes it easy for visitors and contractors to request access during check-in.

Torus provides a simple way to manage your keys, cards and tags, no matter where your facilities are. With the Sine + Torus integration, you can unify your visitor and contractor experience, with key requests submitted through Sine, while your team can directly manage and approve requests from the Torus dashboard.

Integration requirements

  • Sine Large or Enterprise plan; and

  • Torus software account with active integrations licence.

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