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COVID-19 and Return to Work | Onboarding Guide
COVID-19 and Return to Work | Onboarding Guide

Looking to get back into the workplace after COVID-19? Here's the key features you'll want to setup.

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After months of remote work arrangements, many organisations are eager to return to the workplace. However, concerns around how to ensure that everyone in the workplace remains safe and healthy are still preventing organisations from taking the plunge.

In this guide, we'll take you through the key features to help you return to work safer and sooner. We will cover the following:

If you require any assistance with setting up your site, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. They are available 24/7 via the chat bubble below, or you can book a demo to go through Sine via video conference at a time that suits you.

Visitor types

The first thing you'll want to set up is your Visitor Types. These will vary depending on your operations and the variety of people entering your facility. In setting your visitor types, you will want to consider the different check-in flows you will require, as these can be customised to provide a unique flow per visitor type.

It is also useful to consider the user experience and choose names for your visitor types that will be clear to users when they select which type they are checking in as.

At a basic level, we often start with the below visitor types:

  • Visitor

  • Contractor

  • Staff

  • Delivery

For each visitor type, you can select a name and colour to be associated with that visitor type.

To edit your visitor types, you will need to navigate to Sites and then select Settings for the relevant site. You can then find Visitor Types within the General section.

Set up check-in forms

Your check-in forms are a great place to not only inform a user of your COVID-19 policies and procedures, but also to ask screening questions before their check-in is approved.

For example, "Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath or loss of taste and smell?"

With check-in forms you can also specify valid responses, in order to block entry by anyone who does not pass your screening requirements. You can also setup how these rejections should be handled, using our COVID-19 Responses Integration. With this, a failed screening can either be automatically rejected or forwarded to one of your hosts to review and approve or reject the entry.

To help you get these features set up, you can read through the following support articles:

Contactless sign-in

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the workplace is by reducing the number of communal surfaces that people come into contact with, such as sign-in sheets or time card machines.

To help you facilitate this, we have a range of contactless check-in methods that will help you protect everyone in your facility while still maintaining contact tracing logs.

Geofence check-in with Sine Pro

The Sine Pro mobile app is a great way to facilitate contactless check-in. It enables you to have everyone check-in to site through their own mobile device. While the geofence verifies that people checking in are actually within the proximity of your site.

When users check-in through Sine Pro, they will go through the same check-in forms that they you would require of them if they used an iPad kiosk.

For regular visitors, you can also enable automatic check-in when they enter the geofence. This is particularly useful for staff check-in as it makes daily check-in simple and seamless.

To setup geofence check-in for your site, please refer to the following support articles:

QR code posters

Another contactless check-in method that utilises the Sine Pro mobile app is QR code posters. These allow users to check in by scanning a QR code within the app.

We often see this method utilised where sites require that everyone checking in is funnelled through particular entry and exit points, such as construction sites, rather than being able to complete an automatic check-in from anywhere in the geofence.

You can also enable additional security by limiting QR code check-in to users that are verified to be within the geofence when scanning. This ensures that users checking in are actually on-site.

To setup QR code posters for check-in for your site, please refer to the following support articles:

Fast Track QR codes

With Fast Track QR you can provide invited visitors with a QR code to scan on arrival and complete a contactless check-in. This is most effective where you will only have visitors arriving on-site that have been invited.

It should also be noted that to keep this contactless you will need to ensure that you do not have check-in forms enabled for this visitor type as these will need to be completed on the iPad after scanning the Fast Track QR.

To navigate this, you can instead include details of your COVID-19 entry requirements within the invite and advise that should they not meet these requirements then the user should not attend the site and instead organise an alternate time or arrangement for their meeting.

To setup Fast Track QR for check-in for your site, please refer to the following support articles:

Instant QR

For sites where Fast Track QR is not feasible, Instant QR offers the quickest and simplest check-in method to provide contactless check-in to every visitor arriving. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also more secure and accurate than basic QR scanning systems offered by other providers.

To setup Instant QR check-in, please refer to the following support article:

Optional pre-screening with Workflows

Looking for enhanced protection and prevention against COVID-19 in the workplace? Workflows is the answer!

Workflows enables you to manage your COVID-19 screening outside of the check-in process so that users can complete their screening before arriving on site. This way, if someone is not approved to enter, they can be advised before they attempt to check-in, further reducing the risk of someone coming to site who may spread COVID-19.

This is also a great option where you may have users who need to check-in at multiple sites across your organisation. Instead of completing their screening at every site, users can complete one screening workflow that is then valid for any site they check-in to.

In addition, you can set the validity period of a workflow for any duration that is appropriate—monthly, weekly or even daily screening, it's up to you and your operational requirements.

To enable Workflows on your Sine account, please click the Workflows icon in the navigation bar of the Sine dashboard and then select Request upgrade.

After Workflows has been enabled, you can read more about setting up your workflows in the following support articles:

Next steps

Looking to get more out Sine, or maybe you just need a bit more guidance? Book a demo with our team to run through your site and ensure you are reaping all the benefits Sine has to offer your workplace!

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