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The Fast Track Code (FTC) is a fast and easy way to speed up your Check-in process.

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The Fast Track Code (FTC) is a fast and easy way to speed up your Check-in process. Enabling FTCs allows these special 6-digit codes to be sent out with every invite that gets created. Once the visitors receive their FTC they can then enter the code (or scan the QR code) in the Check-in process and have all of their user details pre-filled, including their first name, email and even which Host they are here to see.

Enabling FTCs

To enable fast track codes:

  1. Click on Sites on the sidebar. 

 2. Click on your desired Site.

 3. Click iPad on the side-menu.

4. Scroll down to Fast Track Code and toggle the switch to On.
Sending an Invite with FTC

5. Click Save

Sending an Invite with FTC

In order for your guests to receive an FTC, you need to send them an invite. To send Invites with FTC enabled:

  1. Select Invitations from the side-menu

 2.  Click Create Invitation

3. Fill out the personal details of your guest such as Name, Email and Mobile

4. Click on the Valid From field and select the date when you wish to invite the visitor.

5. Choose the duration of the invite by editing the Expired After field. The end time of the invite will be displayed to the right of this field. Note: If specific time is selected, please choose an end time instead

6. Ensure the Notify guest with an email invitation checkbox has been ticked. This ensures your guests receive an invite email with their FTC attached.

7. Click Create Invitation

An invite email will be sent to your guest with their FTC attached (shown below):

Using your FTC

You can only enter your FTC on the Sine Point Pro app (available on the iPad). To user your FTC:

  1. Touch the Check-in button on the main screen

2. Touch Fast Track Invite

3. Enter your FTC or Scan the QR Code that came with the email

4. That’s all there is to it!

It is also possible to Check-out using your FTC. Simply click the Check-out button on the iPad main screen and enter or scan your FTC instead of your mobile/email.

Note: This does not prefill check-in or check-out forms, users will still need to fill these out at least once.

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