When large groups of guests arrive, the case often arises where many guests need to wait for the single iPad in order to check-in. There are many solutions which Sine recommends to alleviate this problem.

  • Get guests to Download the Sine Pro App. This app will let users check-in on their own devices. Users can check-in and check-out without the iPad by entering and exiting the Geofence and selecting the Site, depending on the Site’s configuration. App users may also scan QR codes on Site Posters or iPads, of which any amount may be distributed at the entrance. This is the fastest way Sine can be used to check-in and check-out.

  • Use Invitations. If you know beforehand that a large group of guests will be arriving, using Invitations makes checking in guests far quicker for receptionists. Adding the guests’ details prior to guest arrival can be done in two ways:Selecting Invitations from the side-menu, selecting Invite a Guest and inputting name, email and mobile number. When the invitation time comes, simply select their name under the Coming Soon list on the Activity feed. Selecting Upload CSV. Uploading CSV invitations is perfect for importing large groups of guests, as they don’t need to be entered manually.

Badges can be printed quickly too – see Printing Future Invites for more information.

  • Set up extra iPads for each Site. Each iPad will link back to your Dashboard when you check-in, and they’ll all be able to check guests in and out simultaneously on the same network.

For more group check-in tips, please feel free to live chat with us using the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner.

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