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Sine for mobile explained

Checking into and out of a site using Sine mobile app

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Guests with the Sine App on their iPhone or Android device can tap on the Site they wish to check into by navigating to the Check-in tab. This method of check-in uses location based services to ensure the guest is within the relevant location of the Site.

Alternatively, guests can press Scan on the Check-in tab, so that they can scan the QR code displayed on the SinePoint iPad device at site. This will also generate a guest Pass.

Android Sine app users can take on NFC tags at relevant sites that have displayed the NFC Check-in option.


Sine app users with location-based services enabled will be sent a push notification when they leave the geofence of the Site, as set by the site administrator. App users can then confirm their check-out from the site. iOS app users can turn on Automatic Check-out, and when they leave the site’s geofence they are automatically checked-out without confirmation.

App users can scan the QR code displayed in the bottom-right-hand corner on SinePoint iPad or the NFC tags to check-out.

App users can press the Check-out button on their open pass to manually check-out.

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