Daily Auto Email Reports

Sine allows you to turn on daily auto-reports, so your team can all receive a summary of active passes still checked-in at your Site.

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Daily automatic email reports send you (and your team) a daily summary of active passes still checked-in at your site and total guests for the day. You can set who you wish to receive the report, as well as what time you would like it to be sent out. The report will include the last 24 hours of data.

  1. On the web dashboard go to the Reports menu item on the left hand side. 

2. Select the Email Reports tab at the top. 

3. Turn on Checked-In Email Summary

4. Set a time each day you would like the report emailed to you.

5. Insert your email and if you wish others to receive the report too, add their emails separated by a comma.

6. You can then pick what information you would like sent to you in your automated
    daily report. The options include; Rejected, Checked-in now, Expired and All
    checked out passes

7. Click Save Changes.

You will now receive a Daily Report from the web dashboard automatically, each day at the set time.

To stop these emails, return to the Reports menu item, click on the Email Reports tab and turn off Send Email Checked In Summary.

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