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Managing your Hosts
Set up delegates for your Hosts
Set up delegates for your Hosts

Sine lets you receive notifications on behalf of Hosts with the Host Delegates feature.

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Here’s a rundown of how Host Delegates work:

  1. Stacey is a Host and sees guests throughout the day.

  2. Stacey receives notifications as guests check-in to see her on SinePoint Pro down by reception.

  3. Stacey would prefer to have her employees Executive Assistant and Front Desk manage guest arrivals. So, she enables Host Delegates from her profile and adds their Host accounts to the Delegates list.

  4. Now, when guests check-in to see Stacey, both Executive Assistant and Front Desk also get notified, so they can easily keep track of Stacey’s guests before she needs to.

In order to add Hosts to the Delegates list, the delegates must have a verified account. Host Delegates without verified accounts won’t be added to the list.

Adding Host Delegates

To delegate Hosts to your account:

  1. Hover over your profile name and select My Profile.

 2. Scroll down to the Host Sites section.

3. Select the Delegate icon. A search box will appear.

4. As you type the name of a verified Host that is a part of your Site, their name will appear.

5. Select their name to add them to the list. You may continue to add as many Delegates as you wish.

6. Once you have completed adding Delegates, click Save. The Delegate icon will become green, and your Delegates will be notified when a guest checks in to see you.

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