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This feature gives your administrators the ability to ensure sensitive hosts at your site remain private, and do not get displayed on SinePoint Pro or Sine Pro when visitors check-in. This gives each Site the flexibility of allowing your staff to remain as hosts at your site; meaning they can still invite visitors, delegate their notifications to other host(s), accept/reject visitors and view their activity history, without being exposed on any public-facing devices.

Concierge staff and other administrators will still have the ability to create invites on behalf of the private groups of hosts and check-in visitors, selecting any of the private hosts to receive the notifications, this will remain the same regardless of the hosts' public/private status.

Setting up Private Hosts

Host visibility is set against the host group, and all hosts within that group will immediately become private/public when you set the status for the group. To toggle the visibility of a host group first, select Edit

Then, select Private to set the visibility of that host group, ensuring you Save the changes before leaving the page.

Editing Host Group Members

For more information on host groups and how to edit the members of a host group, you can check out our article on Host Set-Up.

Team View for Users

Users who are assigned to sites as Hosts can see their visibility per site using the My Profile section of the dashboard.

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