Evacuation Messages

Utilise the messaging function to communicate with everyone on your site in emergencies.

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Sine should not be used as a replacement for your normal fire and evacuation procedures. 

You can access dashboard.sine.co from any Wifi/4G connected device

Printing an Attendance Check-list

Sine Pro allows a team member to print or email the list of active passes at a Site.

  1. Click on the Active Passes button in the top-left of the nav-bar

2. Select email and/or print active list. If you choose to email, the email will be sent to your email ID.

3. For printing the list, it’s recommended to change the page layout to landscape.

Messaging users in an emergency

  1. Click the Messaging button in the top-right corner of the nav-bar

2. The Send Message modal will appear 

3. Enter your desired message (There is a limit of 120 characters, so keep it as short as possible)

4. Choose which Site you would like to display this message

5. Select the Emergency message toggle

6. Select where you wish this message to be displayed. If you select visitors, it will send a message to all currently checked in guests at that location. If you select Hosts, it will send a message to all Hosts registered at that location. If you select Displays, it will display a message on all iPads registered to that Site (you will need to select how long this message is displayed for). You can select one or more options.

7. Click Send Message

Examples of Messages


Mobile Notification:


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