Firewall Rules and Whitelisting
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The following domains need to be whitelisted through any corporate firewall for the operation of Sine.





  • *

If you are a Sine MDM customer, please also whitelist:

  • is our domain/email address, and our service emails come from The fixed IP address for our third-party SMTP service is

You need to whitelist both and to allow the operation of Sine.

As Sine uses CloudFlare, the IP addresses of these services are not fixed and may change at any time. Please visit our security page for more information.

We use Apple push notifications for updating the iPad settings, broadcasting messages sent from the dashboard, alerting iPhone users of geofence events and more. If you are having trouble receiving push notifications from Sine, please see this guide.

Additional information

Whitelisting the below ports and services may also be required to ensure the Sine provided iPad can be managed and updated whilst connected to your network

Firewall setup

Ports that may need opening on the firewall to the 17 Class A range (

  • TCP port 5223 for communication with the APNsM

  • TCP port 443 as a failover access to the APNs if 5223 can’t be accessed

Ports that need opening for MDM access

  • TCP port 2195: sending messages to the APNs

  • TCP port 2196: connection to the APNs for feedbacks

Proxy setup

For Activation



  • – for corporate apps

  • and – for certificates

  • and – certificates and authentications during device restore and activation

Content download

  • * – iTunes content

  • deimos * – iTunes U content

  • * – Apple Content Delivery Network

  • * and * – content delivery network

  • * and * – content delivery network (cache)

  • * – illustrations of the blinds (covers, extracts, icons …)


  • – firmware iOS

  • – searches

  • – iOS Signature Validation

  • – iOS updates

  • – app updates


  • *


  • – iTunes Services

  • – validation of credit cards and accounts – statistics


  • – sending notification to the APNs

  • – send feedback to the APNs

  • * – APNs for all iOS push notifications


The following Sine IPs should be whitelisted when working with webhooks and some Access Control integrations:


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