Set up approval conditions for a workflow

Use approval conditions to flag responses for manual review, while 'correct' responses are automatically approved.

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Approval conditions enable you to streamline your workflow approval process, by automatically accepting correct responses, while flagging incorrect ones for a manual review. They are an extension of the Rule feature, that allows you to set a 'correct' answer to Yes or No and Multiple Choice question field types.

To utilise automatic approval conditions, please use the Yes or No field type.

You can read more about field types and creating rules here.

Creating an approval condition

When you create a Yes or No question within a Workflow, you will see the option to designate a correct answer to the question. These can be:

  • Either answer is valid;

  • Must answer "No"; or

  • Must answer "Yes"

Now, with approval conditions, when you select a correct answer, you will see the For invalid response dropdown appear. Here, you can select how the submission of that workflow will be handled when an invalid response is received.

Block submission

The user will be prompted to review and re-submit their response when the Block submission option is configured.

Approval required

The user's response will be submitted, with the incorrect answer flagged for review and approval when the Approval required option is configured.

The approver will receive the response, with the incorrect answers flagged so that they can review them before deciding to approve or reject the submission.

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