View essential workflow response fields at a glance, with the Available in Table option for multiple choice and text box fields.

Enable Available in Table

To get started, you will need to enable Available in Table for the fields that you would like to make visible in the response view. These must be Text Box or Multiple Choice field types. To enable, simply toggle this setting to the on position.

Note, while you can only view two additional fields in the response table at a time, you can activate this setting for as many fields as you require—administrators will be able to choose the two fields most relevant for their needs when viewing the response table.

Customising the column view

Once you have updated the fields that you'd like to be visible in the table. You can use the Customise columns dropdown to add and remove columns from the response table.

While you can have as many fields available in the table as you'd like, note you can only make two visible in the table at one time.

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