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The delegated response link allows a person to submit a workflow response on behalf of another person.

When can the delegated response link be used?

This link can be used for a workflow that is administrative in nature. For example, a workflow that requests proof of an individual’s qualifications (i.e. the upload of training certificates), or the collection of company-level documents (i.e. company SWMS). It can be used when you want to allow a submission on behalf of someone else.

Do consider the impact ion check in compliance if the workflow is mandatory for a person to check in to site.

When should the personal response link be used?

The personal response link should be used when an individual must complete and submit the workflow themselves. This workflow could typically contain a task / action that must be completed by the individual before coming on site (i.e. a site-specific induction).

How to share a workflow with the delegated response link

To share a workflow with the delegated response link:

  1. Go to the workflows dashboard and find the workflow that you would like to share.

  2. When you click ‘share’, a popup will appear.

  3. Within the popup, you will be able to select the type of link that you would like to share the personal response or delegated response.

  4. Select ‘delegated response’ and click ‘copy link’.

Your delegated response link is ready to share.

In a delegated response an additional section will be displayed to the respondent at the start of the workflow where they can enter the details of the person on whose behalf the workflow is being submitted.

The text in this section can be customised to provide context as relevant to your workflow.

Delegated response settings: how to customize the applicant details section

Within each workflow, you can customize the information that displays in the ‘Applicant details’ section.

When creating or editing a workflow, in the Setting section you will see a section called ‘applicant settings.’ Update the information within the ‘Applicant title’ and ‘Applicant description’ text boxes.

When you share your workflow via the delegated response link, the recipient will see the title and description that you have customized.

Applicant contact details, notifications, and response visibility

Once a response has been submitted, the “Applicant details” contact information will be displayed for the submitted workflow.

The details of the person who submitted the response will also be displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the submission (click on the above response to view).

Who receives notifications, and who can see responses?

The person who submits the workflow will receive all notifications. They will also be able to see the response in their “Your Responses” tab.

What can the individual coming to site see?

The person whose details are provided in the applicant section will not get any notifications, nor will they be able to see the response.

What if an approved response for the workflow is mandatory for check-in?

The individual coming to site will still be able to check in successfully, provided that the response has not been rejected.

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