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Supplier Compliance Document Upload
Supplier Compliance Document Upload

Streamlining document upload for Suppliers

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The Supplier Upload Page offers significant advantages to suppliers when it comes to document management for clients. This personalized page empowers suppliers with a comprehensive view of all documents requested by a particular client streamlining the document submission process.

If you have trouble accessing this feature, a member of our support team will be able to assist.

Feature Overview:

The Supplier Upload Page enables suppliers to access all required documents for a specific client from a single interface.

The name of the client or team that made the document requests is displayed in a blue banner at the top of the page.

Unlike the earlier method that needed navigating through individual upload links for each document request, this new page presents a unified view of all requested documents.

Suppliers can easily interact with the page, uploading documents until the list is completed. Once all required documents have been uploaded, the page displays a "No documents required" message.

Suppliers will also find their, company name, address, and a logo (if available) as enterer by their client conveniently displayed on the upload page.

How to Use


Suppliers must receive a document request email to access the Supplier Upload Page. The email contains an "Upload Documents" button, which will redirect them to the Supplier Upload Page.

Uploading Documents

Upon accessing the Supplier Upload Page, suppliers will find a list of requested documents along with a corresponding upload button for each item. Clicking on the upload button opens a modal where suppliers can conveniently upload the required documents.

To ease document uploads, users can use the drag-and-drop functionality within the "Upload" section of the modal. Alternatively, users may opt to click inside the upload section, which opens a file explorer allowing them to select files directly from their local storage. User can upload multiple files (max. 10) in the same modal. Based on the request created by the client, the supplier may have to optionally state the expiry date for the document being uploaded. This can be done using the date picker under the Expiry date section.

As documents are successfully uploaded, the corresponding items will disappear from the list, simplifying the task further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q) What happens when a supplier has uploaded all the requested documents from the list?

A) Once all requested documents have been uploaded, the Supplier Upload Page will display a splash screen with the message "No documents required," confirming successful completion.

Q) Would request emails sent out before this update still work?
โ€‹A) Request emails sent before this update will continue to function as before. However, suppliers will not have access to the new and improved Supplier Upload Page until they receive a new request email.

Q) What happens when a supplier has uploaded a wrong document?
โ€‹A) Supplier needs to email/contact the client company and ask them to send a new request.

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