Downloading Sine Pro

Download Sine Pro for free:

Signing Up and Account Verification

  1. Once you have downloaded Sine Pro, open the app.

Note: If you have an account, log in, navigate to your Profile Screen and skip to step 6.

2. Press “Sign up for free“. A details form will appear.

3. Enter your details, company and a strong password. Passwords must be at least 8
   characters long. Press Next to continue.

4. Take a photo to use as a profile picture. Adding a photo lets you check into more
     sites as some locations require it in order to check-in.

5. Provided you’ve entered your mobile, you will receive a 5-digit verification PIN sent as SMS to the number. Please enter the PIN into the field to verify your mobile number.

6. Your account will now be created and you will be taken to your Profile page. On
    your Profile page, tap the Verify Email button.

7. An email with a link will be sent to your inbox. You will need to open your email
   client (either on your phone or on a computer) and follow the link in the email. This
   will verify your email address.

8. Your mobile and email will now be verified, and your account successfully set up.

Note: Missing your verification email? Check your junk/spam/clutter mail for an email from
[email protected].

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