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Configure your Brother Printer WiFi Connection using the Printer Setting Tool (Windows)
Configure your Brother Printer WiFi Connection using the Printer Setting Tool (Windows)

Configuring your Brother Label printer using Printer Setting Tool & WiFi

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Corporate networks commonly need to be configured for Sine & Label Printers to work. Contact your network administrator and review our Firewall Guide.

You can download the Printer Setting Tool from this website.

⚠️ In larger corporations and enterprises, you may need your IT administrator’s permission to install this software.

Once this is installed, connect your Brother 820 Printer to the computer with the beige USB-B cable provided with your printer and turn the printer on.

  1. Open the Printer Setting Tool, this should automatically detect the model of your printer. (if not, close the software, give it 10 seconds, then reopen the software).

  2. Click on Communication Settings and select the General tab and then Communication Settings on the left.

  3. Make sure your screen has the same selections as below;

  4. Click on Communication Settings and select the Wireless LAN tab and then Wireless Settings on the menu on the left.

  5. Your SSID is the name of the WiFi Network you are connecting to.

    If you are connecting to an iPad Hotspot network, review the network name in the iPad settings app.

    This can be found in Settings > General > About > Name

  6. Select the appropriate authentication method for your network (NB. The QL-820NWB is not compatible with WPA/WPA2 Enterprise networks).

  7. Enter your Passphrase / User ID / Password as applicable to your network.

  8. Apply these settings, this should tell you that the printer has been successfully updated and your WiFi symbol on the screen should be solid.

Now you need to connect your printer to the Sine Point Pro app to enable badge printing.

  1. Press the Gear/Cog button in the bottom-right corner of the iPad and enter your Display Settings Code (this can be retrieved from Displays Tab in the Sine Dashboard).

  2. Select Printing from the side-bar

  3. The Brother Printer is connected to the same wireless network as the iPad, it will show in the Nearby Printers list.

  4. Touch your desired printer to connect to it.

  5. If you are unable to add via the nearby printers list use the "Add via IP" method.

    1. Select your printer model from the drop-down list

    2. Acquire your printer IP address:

      1. For Brother QL-820NWB: Use the ▲/▼ arrows and the [OK] buttons to navigate between menus and menu options.
        Menu > WLAN > WLAN Status. The printer's IP address will be displayed.

      2. For Brother QL-810W & QL-720NWB: Hold down the cut button until the configuration tickets begin to print. Review the 3rd-6th labels for the IP Address field.

    3. Enter the printer IP Address and select Add.

  6. Print a test label to check the setup has worked.

Press Done in the top right corner to return to the check-in screen.

Remember to enable Sine Kiosk Mode if you want the Sine Point Pro app to stay open all the time.

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