Upcoming changes to SinePoint Pro

A quick overview of the accessibility changes coming to SinePoint Pro, including the potential impact on kiosk backgrounds.

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In the coming weeks, we will introduce exciting updates to the SinePoint Pro iPad app. We understand how important accessibility is for our users, and we want to ensure that the check-in experience is easy to use for everyone coming to a site.

With the upcoming updates, we are releasing a range of changes to the interface designed to make the check-in experience easier for users with visual impairments. We are committed to making our app more accessible and usable for all users.

With these changes, there may be some impact to sites with long site names, running smaller iPad displays, or where backgrounds have been designed to frame site names within graphic elements.

Easier to read and interact

The most apparent change will be the new, heavier font used throughout the app. This improves contrast, making it easier to read content throughout the check-in process. In addition, we have also made a number of the touch target areas bigger, making it easier to interact and take the right action.

With all these changes, we are reducing the cognitive load for users during check-in, making for a simpler, easier experience.

Potential impacts on background images

With this change to the font, the heavier weight means that in some instances this change may impact how a background image works with the new UI. While every effort has been made to minimise this impact, there are two main scenarios where you may need to adjust your background or site name.

Graphic Elements

The most likely issue you may run into with the new UI is the interaction of graphic elements in your background that are intended to surround elements of the UI, such as the site name or the time and date.

Highlighted below, are examples of backgrounds designed for the old UI, that are impacted by the updated UI. You can see in the first example, the date and time component that was previously housed in the orange shape now overlaps this boundary.

Similarly, the site name in the second example now pushes right up to the edge of the blue shape it was previously housed within.

If you have a background that was created for you by Sine and find yourself subject to these issues, please get in contact with the Sine team to organise an amended version of your background that will be compatible with the new UI.

Site Name

Another potential change that may impact a small number of sites is the way the site name is shown on the iPad. With the heavier font, there is a chance that teams with long site names and a 9.7-inch iPad, will see their site name truncated on the iPad when in landscape orientation.

If you experience this issue there are two potential fixes. The first is to change your iPad orientation to Portrait. When in portrait mode, the site name will wrap to the following line due to the additional vertical space. Most kiosks offered by Sine can be swapped between landscape and portrait orientation with relative ease.

Alternatively, if a portrait orientation is not feasible, then you may need to change your site name to suit—keep in mind that site names are limited to 50 characters.

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