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FAQ: Sine Active Directory Sync plugin
FAQ: Sine Active Directory Sync plugin

This article answers to some of the questions you may have regarding Sine Active Directory Sync plugin.

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I am a current Sine customer. Can I subscribe to Sine Active Directory Sync service?

Yes, but you will need to be on a Medium or higher plan.

I am a current Sine customer on a different directory service (e.g., Okta Lifecycle Management, Google Identity Service, etc). Can I enable this new feature?

Sine Active Directory Sync Plugin is designed to work with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) only. For other directory service, you may wish to utilise the cURL method currently available on all plans.

I have manually added hosts to my Host groups via Sine Pro dashboard. Will the host profile remain when synchronisation takes effect?

Any host profiles added manually (or prior to enabling the synchronisation) to a Sine Host group will be deleted if a corresponding Microsoft Azure Active Directory profile does not exist. We recommend you take a backup of your existing Host Group memberships before enabling the synchronisation by selecting the Download CSV, prior to activating this new feature.

Read more Export Host list CSV on taking a backup of host profiles.

I have several child groups inside the parent Microsoft Azure AD group. How do I add these to a Sine Host Group?

Select the toggle button Include Nested Groups against the Sine Host group in the Group Mapping section of the Plugin Configuration page.

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