Step 1: Connecting the Brother Printer to a Wireless Network

You can connect the QL-820NWB to a wireless network directly from the device. Simply follow the steps below:

Note: Make sure to connect the printer to the same network the Sine iPad is connected to. If you are using a Cellular-based iPad with Hot-Spot enabled, please follow the Hot-Spot set-up on iPad guide to identify network name and password. Alternatively if you are using WiFi you may check the network under iPad settings and click on WiFi to verify network name iPad is connected to.

  1. Turn on the printer

  2. For first time users, set the language and time (use the ▲/▼ arrows and the [OK] button)

  3. Press the [Menu] button

  4. Press [OK] on the Settings menu

  5. Push the ▼ arrow until you see the Auto Power Off and press [OK]

  6. Under the Adaptor setting, ensure auto power off is set to Off and press [OK]

  7. Back on the main menu, push the ▼ arrow until you see the Template Setting menu and press [OK]

  8. Ensure Template Mode is set to Off and press [OK]

  9. Back on the main menu, push the ▼ arrow until you see the WLAN menu and press [OK]

  10. Select the WLAN (On/Off) setting

  11. Ensure WLAN is On and press [OK]

  12. Open the WLAN menu again and select Network Mode

  13. Ensure Infrastructure Mode is selected by using the ▲/▼ arrows and the [OK] button

  14. Open the WLAN menu again and select Infra Manual Setting

  15. The printer will search for nearby wireless networks

  16. Select your desired network out of the list and enter your network password by using the ▲/▼ arrows and the [OK] button

  17. Your printer will now be connected to the wireless network

Step 2: Connecting the Brother Badge Printer to the SinePoint Pro app

The SinePoint Pro app for the iPad can be set to automatically print labels once a guest completes their check-in. This article outlines the steps to connect your printer to the iPad.

Connecting via Nearby Printer List

1. Press the Cog button in the bottom-right corner of the iPad and enter your password that you use to log into the web dashboard.

2. Touch Printing from the side-bar

3. If the Brother Printer is connected to the same wireless network as the iPad, it will display in the Nearby Printers list.

4. Touch your desired printer to connect to it.

5. Once connected, touch the Done button to return to main screen of the SinePoint Pro app.

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