Wall Mount Installation Guide

Wall mount your iPad stand.

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This tablet wall mount is able to hold your Apple iPad in place at your business in a protective manner that helps prevent theft. The iPad security mount features an exposed home button to make it easy for administrators to access the SinePoint app & other aspects of your iPad. The stand is made from steel offering a durable display that will last for many years to come, even when placed in heavily trafficked areas.

This unit includes hardware to install the mount at your business. The included hardware kit works well on most wall surfaces but if you are unsure that the included wall anchors and screws are appropriate for your location, please consult with a professional. Sine recommends installing the unit 165cm from the floor in landscape orientation, but it can also support a portrait orientation to best fit your location's needs.

Installation Steps:

Power will need to be drawn to the iPad which uses a 10W - 12W USB Power Adapter. Any USB power outlet can be used, with a 2x USB power outlet preferred.
Can’t run a cable to your stand? No problem! Simply remove your tablet from the case using your unique key and charge it at the end of the day.

Product Specifications:

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