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Basic Check-in Flow Through SinePoint Pro
Basic Check-in Flow Through SinePoint Pro
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This article details how to perform a basic check-in using the SinePoint Pro app. This is the basic iPad flow that most guests would be subjected to.

iPad Check-in

  1. Once SinePoint Pro loads the Site you have selected, the home screen will appear.

2. Tap the Check-in button to reveal the user screen.

3. Tap First time user here to reveal the visitor details screen.

4. Enter your information: first name, last name, mobile, email, mobile, company name, and visitor type.

5. Optional: If Forms are enabled, the Forms screen will now appear requesting further responses. If Forms are not enabled, then this screen will not appear (skip to the next step).

6. Optional: If Enable Hosts is turned On (See Enable Hosts) then the guest will then be asked to select whom they are here to see at the site. If Enable Hosts is Off, then this screen will be bypassed (skip to the next step).

7. A pass will now be sent to the email address provided and the Host notified via SMS or a push notification via the Sine Pro App (if Hosts are enabled for that visitor type).

8. If your printer settings have been configured correctly and a compatible printer is connected, a badge will print. 

9. Your guest should now be checked in and visible on the activity feed.

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