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Use geofencing around your Site to create a virtual perimeter to trigger check-in and out notifications.

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To set the geofence radius around your Site:

  1. Click the Sites button from the sidebar

    2. Select your desired Site, by clicking Settings

    3. Click Passes from the side-menu

    4. Scroll down to the Mobile Check-in Requirements card

    5. Under Geofence radius, select the size of your geofence radius. Larger numbers will make a larger geofence.

  6. Click Save

Nearby sites

When using the Sine Pro app on your mobile phone and you enter the geofence of a Site, it will show up in your Nearby Sites List.

If you have Nearby Site Notifications and Push Notifications enabled, you will receive a push notification when you are near a Site you have previously checked into. You can follow this guide here to check-in using your notifications.

Leaving the Geofence


If you leave the geofence of a Site and have Automatic Check-out enabled, the SIne Pro app will automatically check you out and send you a notification to alert you.


If you leave the geofence of a Site, Sine Pro will send a push notification to alert you. You can check out using the notification by following this guide here.

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