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How do Sine plans work?
How do Sine plans work?

Everything you need to know about features, check-in volumes and more!

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Our plans are very simple. No need to worry about deciding which features you need or think you might need, all features are included in all plans.

Our plans are based on the average daily check-in volume at your site. This daily volume includes check-ins from all visitor types (visitors, staff, contractors, couriers etc) and all check-in events โ€” for example, if you have staff members checking in and out multiple times per day then these will each be counted as a check-in.

These volumes are based on a fair usage policy, so if you exceed your plan level on any given day there is no risk of having check-ins blocked.

In accordance with our fair usage policy, you will only be asked to change your plan level if you consistently exceed your daily check-in volume for more than 30 days.

You can view all of our plans available in more detail here.

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