Auto-save workflows responses

This article looks at the autosave feature of workflows and the user experience of your visitors and contractors.

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The autosave feature enables your visitors and contractors to pick up where they left off if they are unable to complete a workflow in one go. This can be particularly helpful where there are multiple workflows to be completed or a workflow is particularly long and complex.

When will a workflow be autosaved?

In order for workflow responses to be autosaved, the user must be logged into their Sine account when they begin the workflow, and also for any subsequent sessions spent completing the workflow.

Data will be autosaved when a user has been active on the workflow in two separate 15 second periods (these can be concurrent or separate). This means that if they have been actively filling in data for at least 30 seconds, their data will be saved.

How is autosaved data accessed?

When a user returns to a workflow that they have autosaved data for, this data will be automatically loaded and they will see the below notification at the top of their screen.

The user then has the option to pick up where they left off or 'Clear Form' and begin again.

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