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Enable auto-logout from workflows

Manage devices where multiple users need to complete workflows with auto-logout options.

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Sometimes you will need to have users complete workflows after arriving on site. This can slow down the check-in process if there are other people to be checked-in through a sign-in point.

The auto-logout feature can be used to set up a separate station for users to complete workflows through another device (for example, an additional iPad or computer).

To ensure that workflows are accurately linked to users, auto-logout can be enabled so that users are logged out after they complete a response and then subsequent users required to login to their account before completing a response.

How does it work?

After completing a workflow, users will be automatically logged out of their Sine account after 5 seconds.

Depending on the settings for the workflow completed, users will see one of two screens after submitting their response:

  • Approved (for auto-approved workflows); or

  • Pending (for workflows requiring approval)

Implementing auto-logout

Auto-logout is enabled using parameters when sharing a link to a Workflow. This parameter is added to the end of the URL for the Workflow you are sharing.


To enable the auto-logout loop, simply add ?autoLogout=loop to the end of the URL you are using to share the workflow, as below.

When enabled the app will cycle through the same workflow, allowing users to log in, complete the workflow, and be logged out multiple times in a row.

This can be used where you will have multiple users who need to complete the same workflow in their own respective accounts.

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