Manage invites for users with appointees access to calendars.

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Appointees allows a host to designate an Appointee who can confirm invitations sent from their calendar, utilising the [email protected] integration.

This is particularly helpful where a staff member may have delegate access to another team members calendar, but does not have access to their email inbox to confirm those invitations with Sine.

Please note, a user must be listed as a host at a site in order to have the appointee functionality visible in their account.

Assigning an appointee to a host

First, log in to the dashboard and navigate to your user profile.

Scroll down to ICS Appointees and click Add Appointee

Once you have entered the email address of your appointee, select Send.

Your Appointee will be sent an email to Claim their Appointee status and your Appointee status for that individual will show as “Pending”

Once your Appointee accepts, you will the “Confirmed” status against your appointee(s)

Now, when you create ICS invites, all ICS confirmations will also be forwarded to the other specified inbox too!

Confirming invitations as an appointee

When an invitation is sent by a host, both the host and their appointees will receive an email to confirm invitations through Sine.

The appointee can then select Confirm Invitations and complete the process on behalf of the host.

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