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Level up your multi-tenant experience with all the information you need to get up and running with Lobbies!

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Lobbies enable you to bring together multiple sites in one iPad kiosk, creating a seamless visitor experience at multi-tenant sites. With Lobbies, you no longer need a dedicated kiosk per site or a one-size-fits-all site that compromises in trying to meet all your tenants' needs.

Empower your tenants with the independence, customisation and data privacy they need while delivering a frictionless visitor experience, tailored based on who they are here to see.

In this article we will cover:

Creating a lobby

To create a lobby, you will need to navigate to Sites using the side navigation, and then select Lobbies.

Click Create Lobby, enter your lobby's name and address, and then click Create Lobby to complete the creation.

Customising your lobby

To manage and customise your lobby, click the ellipsis (...), and then select Settings from the Lobbies page.

Once here, there are four key areas you can manage.


Here you will be able to edit your Lobby Name and Lobby Address. You can also manage the branding of your lobby.

The images have the same requirements as site logos—you can read more about best practices for logos here.

iPad Settings

Here you can manage the appearance of your lobby on the iPad kiosk. This includes:

  • Toggle Clock on or off

  • Edit the welcome message displayed on the iPad

  • Toggle the light or dark colour scheme, depending on your chosen background image

  • Upload a background image—you can read more about best practice for background images and download our default background suite here.

Lobby Directory

This is where you will manage your lobby members. The home screen section allows you to select up to six lobby members that will appear on the home screen of the iPad kiosk. All other members will be displayed within the directory.

To add additional sites to your lobby, please contact your Sine representative.


This is where you can manage your lobby's preferred printer, and the badge format (either A6 or label).

Connecting displays to your lobby

The process for connecting a display to a lobby is much the same as connecting a site to a display.

When you open the SinePoint Pro app you will see the screen below, letting you know that the display is not yet connected. At the same time, visit through the web browser on a device that is logged in to your Sine account.

Note: If you are not logged in, you will need to log in using your web dashboard credentials.

To connect your iPad, select Generate Code and enter that code into the Connect a Display modal on the web dashboard. Then, select the lobby that the iPad will be used for and click Connect Display to complete the connection.

Managing collaborator permissions for Lobbies

When Lobbies is enabled on your team, a new collaborator type becomes available—Lobby Administrator. The Lobby Administrator has access to the Locations and Displays section of the web dashboard.

This enables them to:

  • Create and edit any Lobbies or Sites on your team; and

  • Connect displays to Lobbies and Sites on your team.

Note, Lobby Administrators do not have visibility over the Activity Feed, this collaborator type can not see check-in activity.

Forward lobby members' preferred printing to the lobby

To ensure a smooth visitor experience, it is essential that all sites in a lobby have their printing forwarded to the lobby.

These settings are managed at a site level.

To forward preferred printing to the lobby, navigate to Sites using the side navigation bar, then select Settings > Printing for the site you need to update.

Then, toggle Forward printing to a lobby on, and choose the Preferred lobby for printing from the dropdown menu.

Ensure you save the settings before leaving the page.

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