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Set up your All-in-One Mini
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A Philips head screwdriver is needed for assembly.

Before starting, do a quick parts check and make sure you have all the parts needed to assemble the stand.

2024 All-in-One Mini Setup Guide

Included pieces:

Assembly Instructions

Pre-2023 All-in-One Mini Setup Guide

Included pieces:

Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Unpack your Sprocket X and begin assembly by removing the cable cover strip from the stand stem.

Step 2: Lie stand stem along floor or across a table, slide on baseplate cover & fix baseplate in to stem using 3 x M6x16mm screws (A). Use phillips head driver (H) to tighten.

Step 3: To attach the enclosure to your mount, first orient the push lock and mount hooks as shown, locate slots in back of enclosure over hooks and push across to lock.

Step 4: Fix enclosure to mount using 2 x M4x6mm (E) and 2 x M4x10mm (E) with black washer (C). Check that enclosure rotates smoothly from portrait to landscape orientation.

Step 5: With hooks facing up (away from you) select option to enable or disable dynamic screen rotation and fix 1 x M4x6mm (E) screw into desired position.

Step 6: Open push lock in side of enclosure with keys supplied, lift faceplate up and out.

Step 7: Place the clear corner spacers into each corner, aligning the spacers hole over corner pin and press down firmly. Peel off adhesive cover of rubber bumpers (J) and insert into corner tabs.

Step 8: To provide power to your tablet, route USB end of the supplied cable through the central hole in the enclosure, & down the stand stem.

Step 9: Leave approx. 200mm of cable allowance inside the enclosure and attach USB end to tablet AC power adaptor.

Step 10: Attach your tablet to the power cable and nest it between the clear corner spacers. Be sure tablet sits flat on rubber bumpers and cable runs neatly below.

Step 11: Sprocket X will be supplied with a home button & (depending on tablet type) camera cover. Push out to remove covers to allow access to these tablet features.

Step 12: To secure your tablet inside your Sprocket X, replace the faceplate by first hooking tabs under enclosure corners, hinge close & push down firmly. Push lock pin in to lock.

Step 13: Align the bracket on the stem and fix in place with 2 x M5 screws. (B)

Step 14: Secure the printer mounting plate to the back of the printer using 4 x M3 counter sunk screws (G)

Step 15: Put the stand up right and Feed the power cable for the printer through hole in the back of the floorstand. Pull through cable underneath the print and insert into the power slot.

Step 16: Press cable cover strip into back of stand stem after organising your cables.

Step 17: Using the star-shaped tor tool supplied (F) remove the cover caps and tighten screen tilt pivot if a firmer tilt action is required.

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