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Simplify document management using Company Categories

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Company Categories allows you to simplify your company and document management. By linking tags with document types and companies, you can create a company list that has a clear and predictable list of suggested documents for each supplier.

If you have trouble accessing this feature a member of our support team will be able to assist.

Feature Overview:

Company categories allows you to group your suppliers based on their document requirements. An example of this might be using a group for all of your high risk suppliers that typically have more stringent document requirements.

Once a category has been applied to a group of suppliers, you can immediately see any suggested documents in your supplier list. You can also filter your suppliers list to only show suppliers that are missing suggested documents.

When looking at the documents list for a single supplier, all missing documents are available in the suggested documents panel. From here, you can request all suggested documents or upload/request one at a time. Any document requests sent will go to the nominated company contact.

If you assign a Tag to a single company, you will also be given the option to request any missing documents at that time itself.

Company categories can be used to apply the same set of document requirements to all your suppliers, or to group them into as many different sets of requirements as you like. A single supplier can also belong to multiple categories and inherit all suggested documents from these categories.

How to Use


Set up Document types - Before using this feature ensure you have a defined list of document types. Each document type should represent a unique requirement you have from one or more of your suppliers.

Ensure contact details are entered and up to date - If you want to request the documents from the suppliers please ensure all suppliers have a contact name and email in the Company Profile. If you have many suppliers with missing contact details, you can you can use the CSV Export and CSV Import feature to provide this data in bulk.

Creating a Category or Tag linked to Documents

To begin using the feature, create or modify an existing tag and select the different document types that should apply to all suppliers with this tag.

Once a tag has been configured, it can be applied to any companies that this set of documents is relevant to.

Adding a Category to a Company

The tag can be applied via the Companies list or the details screen for an individual supplier.

When applying the tag, you can see which document types will now be suggested for that supplier. You can choose to request any suggested documents or if you want to leave this as a suggestion for now, then you can simply assign the tag and, at a later date, use the "with Document suggestions" tick box on the Companies list page to see any companies with suggested documents.

Updating a Category

If you want to change the document types required in a category, you can add/remove document types against a Tag as needed.

Adding a document type - Suppliers with the tag already associated will be checked to see if they have this document type. If not, then the new document type will be added as a suggested document against that supplier.

Removing a document type - Suppliers with the tag already associated will no longer show this document type as requested.

If you cannot see the above options, please get in touch with the support team to turn this functionality on for you.

Reviewing Suppliers within a Category

You can filter the list of Companies by Tags to easily see a list of companies that fall into a particular risk category, provide a particular type of service, service a particular region or any other means of categorisation you may use via Tags.

Reviewing Suppliers with Suggested Documents

On the Companies List page, you can use the checkbox to see a filtered view of companies with suggested documents. Clicking on a specific supplier will take you to the supplier details and document list, where you can view all suggested documents and action them by requesting all documents or one at a time.

Any document requests will go to the contact that is configured for that supplier where they will be prompted to upload all outstanding document requests. Upon upload these documents will require admin approval and an email notification will be sent to Company and Team admins informing them of this upload.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I bulk-apply tags to a list of suppliers?

A: CSV export and import can be used to achieve this. Simply export your current list of companies, enter the tags separated by commas into the tags column, and re-import the list into companies. Any tags used as part of the import must already exist on your team. Document Types linked to these Tags will be added as Suggested documents against a supplier.

Q: Will suggested documents disable a supplier or block check-ins at site?

A: No, at this point suggestions will have no flow on effects to supplier status or check-in behaviour. The suggestions only serve as a prompt to help you decide whether you want to request these documents.

Q: What is the behaviour when applying multiple tags to a single supplier?

A: This supplier will inherit the document suggestions from all tags that are applied to it. If two tags have the same document type, only one document of this type will be suggested.

Q: I cannot see the option to add document types to a tag?

A: Some settings may need to be changed for your team. Please contact our support team and ask them to turn on the "Supplier Categories" feature for your team.

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