Exporting a PDF copy of a workflow response

Save a certificate or PDF copy for sharing or record keeping

Written by Akshara Shetty
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You can export a PDF copy of a workflow response to provide the following:

  1. At site notice of permit works.

  2. Induction completion certificate.

  3. Record of safety measures communicated to contractors or inductions completed to provide to third parties like insurance companies if an incident occurs.

  4. Upload into third-party systems or store any crucial responses required for record-keeping.

How to download:

  1. Navigate to the response you want to download.

  2. Open the relevant response.

  3. Click on the download button in the top right corner.


The downloaded PDF file will contain:

  • An Overview page that provides key information about the workflow response

  • A details section that includes all other information contained in a response

What is displayed for specific field types

  • For File uploads, you will be able to see that file has been uploaded, and the file name and

  • For Signature, it will state that it has been signed, but the actual signature will not be displayed.

  • For Videos, you can see whether the video has been viewed.

  • For all questions where a value has not been provided, Not Available (N/A) will be displayed instead.

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