Reception and front-of-house staff can check guests in using the Check-In icon located in the top taskbar in the web dashboard. A pop up input screen will then appear where staff can enter the guest’s information as the user would do on the SinePoint Pro iPad. Hosts can be selected and will be notified of their guest’s arrival.

Checking in a guest

  1. Open the web dashboard and log in.

   2. On the top bar, select the Check-in button in the right-hand corner.

3. The Check-in overlay will appear. Add the guest’s details.
*You can tick 'Check-in another guest' if you are to check-in another person for an easier queue

4. Select Next. If forms are enabled, the Check-in form screen will appear. Otherwise, the guest will be checked in.

5. Enter the form details and click Check-in. The guest will then be checked in and appear in the Activity Feed.

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