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Uploading Documents to attach to Passes

You can attach Documents to all guest passes that the user can download at their discretion.

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This is useful for things like a company privacy policy, terms and conditions etc.

Upload Documents On a Pass

  1. Click on Sites in the side-menu.

  2. Click on a Site to bring up Site Settings.

3. Go to the Passes tab.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page. There will be the Documents card. Select Upload Documents.

5. Upload PDF documents and name them. Multiple documents can be uploaded and renamed.

6. Click Save and your site documents will be published on a site page URL on all passes and will be available on the link provided at the bottom of the documents upload page.

Accessing Documents on your Pass

Documents can be accessed from the web dashboard as above or Sine Pro Mobile Apps from the user’s Pass.


To access the documents using iOS devices:

1.Navigate to the Active Pass by tapping the Check-In tab or by scanning in.

2. Once on the active pass screen, scroll to the bottom and press the Documents button.

3. Then select the document you wish to read to download it. Open the file to read it.


To access the documents using Android devices:

1. Navigate to the Active Pass by pressing the Pass button in the side menu.

2. Then from the Active Pass, swipe right and scroll down the Documents subsection.

3. Tap the document that you wish to download and open the file to read it.

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