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Manage your Workflows notification settings in the web dashboard
Manage your Workflows notification settings in the web dashboard

For team admins, here's all the options you have to manage your notification settings within Workflows.

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Team administrators have full access to the Workflows dashboard for their company. By default, Team Admins only receive notifications for Workflows they created.

If you'd like to receive notifications for other Workflows on your account, please customise you notification settings as follows:

  1. Access the workflows dashboard ('W' logo) from the left menu bar within your Sine dashboard or directly via

  2. Click on the 'Notification Settings' icon on the left menu within the Workflows dashboard:

3. Identify the Workflow(s) you wish to receive notifications for and click on the bell icon to toggle on:

You will now receive an email notification when people submit a response to these Workflows. Notifications are only sent for responses requiring approval. 

Looking to get started with Workflows? You can read more about our pricing and plans here.

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