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Easily view and explore data about your site with the Insights page.

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Insights Page

At the top of the Insight page you can see all the current, pending, and total check-ins as well as the number of rejected or auto-expired guests. These tabs can be toggled between to view data based on the status of passes.

You can explore your current data further by selecting data from the last 24 hours, 7 days or 31 days. Simply click the clock symbol next to the guest totals and choose which range you wish to view.

You can also choose to display only data for a specific set of Sites. Click the Site Filter drop-down and then toggle which Site(s) you wish to display.

or, you can choose to filter the data display based on Site tags to see specific groups of sites.

Visitor Type Chart

The Visitor Type chart will display a pie graph of all your check-ins for your currently selected filter settings. Your most common visitor types will be displayed with their name, colour and how many check-ins have occurred for that type.

Each segment of the chart can be hovered over to focus on that visitor type and display a percentage figure of how much that visitor type is used compared to the total amount of check-ins.

Device Type Chart

The Device Type chart will show you the distribution of check-ins for each platform with 3 categories. Mobile for iPhone or Android phone check-ins (Using the SinePro app), SinePoint Pro for iPad app check-ins and web dashboard (using the web check-in interface).

Hovering over each segment will display a percentage total of how many users checked-in using that platform.

Visitor Types

The Check-in Trends graph displays total check-ins per visitor type line graphs, filtered by hourly, daily or weekly.

Hovering over the individual points on the graph will create a pop-up window that displays the total check-ins of that visitor type for that particular time.

You can also hover over each visitor type in the legend to focus on just that aspect of the line graph. Toggling the visitor type will display only that visitor type on the line graph, allowing you to display only selected visitor-type trends individually.


The Exceptions graph can be selected by clicking the Exceptions Toggle, next to the Visitor Types toggle.

This graph functions much like the visitor types graph, but is for auto-expired and/or rejected passes.

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