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Descartes Visual Compliance Plugin for Sine Workflows
Descartes Visual Compliance Plugin for Sine Workflows

Add restricted parties screening to your requests to visit Workflows

Written by Akshara Shetty
Updated over a week ago

How does this help

If you have a higher security site where you want to run restricted party screening and approve whether a visitor should be invited to your site you can now do so with the Descartes Visual Compliance integration with Workflows.

How does it work?

When someone completes a Workflow response, Visual Compliance checks for matches based on information included in the workflow and notes them in the Workflow response admin notes. Based on these results, an admin can approve the workflow response.

A site can be set up so that an approved response is required on this workflow for a visitor to be invited or to check-in.

Process before check-in where the employee inviting a visitor or the visitor can submit a request to visit workflow :

Process during Check-in

Currently available to customers on a per-request basis to beta test.

The Descartes Visual Compliance Integration is available on Medium+ Workflow plans.

How to set up

1. Request Beta Access: Start by requesting Beta access via the button below.

2. Plugin Configuration

  • Descartes Security Number and Password: Obtain a security number and password from Descartes

  • Admin Dashboard: From anywhere in Sine Core, navigate to Admin Dashboard by clicking the Admin option on the top right corner of the product well.

  • Plugins: In the Installed Plugins, click on Configure Plugin for Descartes Visual Compliance.

  • Configuration: Enter the Security Number and Password received from Descartes and click on Enable Configuration

2. Set up a workflow

  • Navigate to Sine Workflows and Create a new workflow where you ask for all the information required to run a check using Visual Compliance.

  • Turn on the Descartes Visual Compliance toggle in Plugin Settings.

Configure the questions you want to ask to collect the data needed to decide whether to approve a visit request.

Data that can be configured to be sent to Visual Compliance to run a screening :

  • First name and Last name of the visitor

  • Address lines 1, 2, 3

  • City

  • State

  • ZIP

  • Country

  • Company Name

It is suggested to have the questions that collect this data as Required fields.

Once you have entered all your questions, you can associate a Plugin tag to the question.s

Configure a workflow integration or a checklist for this workflow for the visitor types where screening and approval are needed before the individual can check-in.

More information here on setting up a workflow integration with check-in

Running a check

If the workflow will be filled by individuals other than those visiting the site and on whom a check is to be run, then it is suggested to share the Delegated response link with those individuals.

Once shared, they can fill in the required information. On submission, the workflow approvers get notified of a response for their approval. The integration will also run on the information submitted, and this integration check's outcomes can be seen just above the Admin Notes.

If matches are found, you can click on Show check results to see further details of these matches found.

Once the integration response and other information provided have been reviewed, the approver can decide whether they want to approve the workflow response and the request for this individual to visit or it is to be rejected.

Additional Information

You can see more on requiring an approved workflow response for invites or check in here.

The difference between the Descartes MK Denial Integration at check-in and the Descartes Visual Compliance check-in is further explained in this article.

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